When I was still studying primary school, Bishop Dominic Su (now Emeritus) often celebrated mass with healing session. During healing session, brothers and sisters in Christ who are suffered with sickness will walk to the stage, then the bishop and the other healing ministers will come to pray for them, and laid hands on them. Then, some brothers and sisters in Christ will fall down, looks like sleep or fainted, but the actual term is called “resting in the Spirit“. And some of them were crying. Based on what I know, crying is because of emotional wounds.

I also went up for the healing, because my mum said I have asthma, and I could pray to be healed. However, I didn’t experience anything special during the healing session.


Preface continue

Then when I was in secondary school, there was one time, I joint Life in the Spirit Seminar (LSS). Again, there was another healing session, conducted by other healing ministers. I remembered that, during the healing session, the lead healing minister prayed and said, let God heal our emotional wounds that happened in our past. “Almighty Jesus is able to go to our past and heal us” (something like this).

Then I suddenly remembered an incident that happened when I was a small kid, which I had forgotten. And this made me cried. That was my first time experiencing healing power of God. But I know that, remembering the incident and crying does not heal the wound immediately. There are more spiritual exercises have to be done after this. Remembering the incident is just an initial phase to face my wounded memory.


Healing power

I regret that I didn’t record down everything Emeritus Bishop Dominic Su had taught during homily (as I was a kid, and Bishop was using English and Foochow, I couldn’t understand). I can roughly remember several points about healing.

Bishop taught about spiritual therapy and Eucharistic therapy. Eucharistic therapy is the healing that we can pray when we receive the Holy Communion, and also during the Eucharistic adoration.

Bishop also taught about several spiritual gifts from God that we can use to fight against satanic power. I can’t remember all, but only the Blood of Christ as one of the gifts.


As there are three types of prayers: vocal prayer, meditation, and contemplative prayer (CCC 2721), meditation involves imagination.

I can only remember two types of healing meditation that was used by the bishop. During the healing session, based on Psalm 52:12, “A clean heart create for me, God” (NAB version), Bishop guided us to imagine: Jesus takes out our old heart and throws away, and then gives us a new heart.

Another type of healing mediation is to imagine the Blood of Christ covers us, and cleanses our sickness away.


Emotional wounds

I believe that many people are wounded in many ways. As I mentioned in Preface, I didn’t cry during the healing session when I was a kid. But in fact, I was emotionally wounded when I was very young. You may think that you are healthy in every aspect, but this may not be true because you may be wounded but not remember.

There are emotional wounds that happened when a person was still in the womb. This is because, the infant in the womb can feel the surroundings and also can feel how the mother feels. That is why, if the pregnant mother has emotionally wounded, this will affect the infant’s emotion as well. (And we can read from the Scripture, what happened to John the Baptist when the mother meets Mary, the mother of our Lord.)

We are usually wounded by someone close to us: our parents, our brothers and sisters, or our spouse. After we are wounded, we will live in fear, or anger, or hatred, or any other negative emotions. We may not directly hate the person who hurt us, but there is hatred or anger deep down in our hearts.

We are easily hurt by people who are close to us, because we open our hearts to them. That is why, when we are scolded by the parents without wrongdoing, or tricked by brothers and sisters, or cheated by our spouse, these actions hurt us deep down in our hearts.

Because of the emotional wounds, our personality and perspective are distorted. Sometimes this causes us to hate ourselves. We can’t forgive ourselves, and just want to continue live in misery. Moreover, this may also cause sinful habits like gambling, drunkenness, shopaholic, pornography, etc.


Human’s love

This was taught by Bishop Dominic Su,

Human’s love is imperfect. We should not seek for the perfection in human’s love. We can only seek for the perfection in God’s love.

That is why, a lot of spouses, they are sweet in the beginning. Even the weaknesses of your spouse are sweet in your sight. But human’s love is imperfect. After some time, you will feel that the love from your spouse is imperfect. Then, you will dislike everything about your spouse, even the goodness.


Healing and forgiveness

Because humans are imperfect, we will hurt each other unintentionally. Your unintentional words or acts, they just hurt someone you love. That is why, we are all sinners. Then, we just cannot forgive ourselves, or we cannot forgive the one who has hurt us, and we live in misery every day. Live in fear, live in hatred, live in anger, live in jealousy.

Why don’t we change our life and live in happiness? We can’t. Because we are emotionally wounded. Because we feel that we are not worthy to live in happiness. Because we cannot let go our anger or hatred. Because we cannot forgive ourselves. Because we cannot forgive the one we have loved but he/she has cheated/ill-treated/hurt us. Because we want to let them feel the wound we have experienced. Because we want to revenge so that they will feel the same. Because we want to tell them how much we have loved them but what we received is not love.

The unforgiving is the reason that we live in misery.

If we want to be happy, we must be healed from emotional wounds. If we want to be healed from emotional wounds, we must forgive. We must forgive ourselves and the one who has hurt us. Only if we can forgive, then only we can love. But how do we love the one who has hurt us? Only if we are filled by the love of God, then only we can love others.

This is what I personally suggest: reading bible, prayers, meditation, confession (Sacrament of Penance), and Holy Communion (Sacrament of the Eucharist). These are important for the healing and forgiveness. Please look for the priests or healing ministers if necessary.

Personal experience

I meditated, and I found that I was filled with hatred and anger. What can I do? I prayed for the healing and forgiveness: the healing of my emotional wound and the strength of forgiveness. But it it too difficult for me to forgive, because the wound is too deep.

I found that, in my anger, I keep thinking about “myself” and feeling how “I” was hurt. So, at the end, this is how I prayed to the Lord,

Lord Jesus, please let “me” “die”, so that “I” feel no sadness, hatred, and anger. And Lord, please live in place of me, so that this new me can forgive and love others.

If I cannot forgive, it would be better for the Lord to create a new “me”. What I need to do is to give up my “self”.



Q: Is the healing power psychological or spiritual?

If you are an atheist, you don’t believe in God, then you will think that, a person is healed because the psychological effect, similar to the hypnosis. The meditation is just a tool of self-hypnosis.

But I answer, Christians and atheists have a fundamental difference: God and god-less. Christians believe in an omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, and omnibenevolent God, Who is able to heal a man psychologically and spiritually. That is why, when meditation, Christians are able to focus on God who is perfect.

But an atheist can only believe in self or psychologists. Therefore, if they are meditating, they can only focus on something imperfect.

Q: Is the healing power science or miracle?

I answer, the Almighty God creates this physical world. Therefore, He is able to heal the men through the way that can be scientifically explained. He is Almighty. Therefore, He is also able to heal with miraculous power, that cannot be explained by science.